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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


LigerCat was created as part of the Biology of Aging project at the MBLWHOI Library at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory.

LigerCat is a search tool for PubMed that displays tag clouds of key words (MeSH descriptors) associated with the result set. Also, it facilitates the use of plain language queries or molecular sequences to search the PubMed database for articles or to search for journal titles.

LigerCat also serves a Publication Data Histogram. In the Articles Search a Publication History graph is displayed in addition to the tag cloud. This is an interactive graph. Mousing over the graph will highlight years and display the number of articles from that year that your search retrieved. Clicking on the bar for that year performs the search in PubMed and takes you to that result page. In the Genes Search, the graph will not take you to PubMed but you still can see how many articles related to the query sequence were published in each year.

Please send feedback and suggestions to Holly Miller, Director of MBLWHOI Library at hmiller at

LigerCat: using “MeSH Clouds” from journal, article, or gene citations to facilitate the identification of relevant biomedical literature. Sarkar IN, Schenk R, Miller H, Norton CN. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2009 Nov 14;2009:563-7.
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